The goal of this project is to engage all of our stakeholders — investors, customers, and users — in our vision for the future. We want to ensure they’re invested not only in what we can do today, but that they see value in what we can do tomorrow. But I would like to propose that this objective can be broken down into two parts: to engage and to edify. If our stakeholders are not excited by this film, we’ve failed. Likewise, if they watch this film and are only entertained, we’ve failed. And so this film must also edify our stakeholders as to the value our product can provide. We have to answer the question, “Why invest in us, specifically?”



Almost every company in all service-based industries leverage case-studies to illustrate the true value their products and services have in the lives of their customers. However, companies quickly realized that these case-studies needed an entertaining twist if they were to keep up with the kind of content being produced. And so agencies began producing what are called “documercials”: documentary-styled case-studies designed to tell a captivating story through real-life success stories. When done well, these documerials are as engaging as they are edifying — the perfect means to accomplishing our objective.

Except, Valyant doesn’t yet have the kind of success stories required to make a documercial.